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Motorola Solutions and Kopin Corp. Announce Agreement to Develop Hands-Free Wireless Computing Headset



By: Edward Jackson (Senior Editor)



Joint development of computing will offer innovative solutions to mobile workers with instant access to digital information.


The [Motorola Solutions] business of , Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement with [Kopin Corporation] to develop a hands-free computer and communications headset. This new device category is a head-worn, mobile computer headset with full voice, audio and PC capabilities, leveraging ’s advanced system and micro-display technologies to create a 15-inch monitor that supports simulation software, streaming video on-demand and other large-screen enterprise applications.

Golden-i_Kopin_side_view_highres Golden-i_front_view




  • This new category of wearable computer provides hands-free remote control and instant access to digital information and broadcast programming. Access is also available for Internet services, including streaming video over Bluetooth and , allowing simultaneous real-time interface with multiple mobile devices, servers and networks.
  • These unique capabilities are enabled through a gesture- and -based user interface.
  • Development Kit units will be generally available from Kopin by January 2011 to software application developers and select Motorola enterprise and public safety customers.
  • The development kits provide early access and experience with advanced hands-free mobile computing and communication headsets capable of interfacing with existing legacy systems and software platforms.


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Jeffrey Jacobsen, Senior Advisor to CEO and Golden-i Program Manager, Kopin Corporation:

“The Golden-i platform offers spontaneous mobile access to virtually any digital information in the world, on-demand. Imagine leaving your laptop at the office and still having full access to all of its information, applications and services while traveling. The Golden-i platform will truly change the way people work and live.”

Tom Bianculli, Senior Director, Emerging Business, Chief Technology Office, Motorola Solutions:

“We believe this computer headset will be a game-changing solution for mobile workforces and represents the future in wearable computing. As the leader in enterprise mobile computing, Motorola Solutions is working with Kopin to explore new innovations and cutting-edge technologies that will help our customers continue to improve their operational efficiency and increase their productivity.”



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