More Bling Than You’ll Ever Need

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Strictly as an homage to our very own Jenna Gonzalez, I wanted to share with you all the totally blinged out CrystalRoc . The Android device may be one of the most eagerly anticipated devices of the year, but this particular one sports 5,700 Swarovski crystals! Swarovski and Gadgets, two of Jenna’s favorite things in the whole world. While there is no price listed at this time, you can find the CrystalRoc tablet exclusively at Harrods of London, an establishment known for housing the more posh things in life. It was, as we all know, where the Holy Grail was eventually found.

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  • Jerry B. Culala


  • Jackson Pugh

    So Icy.

  • Jenna Gonzalez

    Oh so pretty :) CrystalRoc always makes such nice stuff.

  • Nancy Reid

    Blinded by the beauty of CrystalRoc !

  • Dreamin2win

    In this short time of being a subscriber here, I have learned of Jenna’s fondness of Swarovski Crystals & gadgets. I could not help think of her the other day when I saw a sweeps with the prize being a Swarovski Crystal jar of petroleum jelly. lol

  • carla9359

    hmmm Me to LOVE the ~~**BLING**~~**BLING**~~ ;-)**

  • TheNerdyNurse

    We’ll bling gadgets are cool, so why not toiletries?

  • TheNerdyNurse

    oh come on. Everyone needs some bling!
    and thats is very very pretty.

  • Foster Scott

    Okay, had to add.. i can see Jenna working out on this while playing on the above Galaxy tab..

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