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MAINGEAR unleashes their EPIC liquid cooling solutions on all desktops which offer up to 20% cooler temperatures and is maintenance free.



We here at were introduced to back in Nov, 2010 at the Pepcom event in New York City. Then again at the 2011 CES event in Las Vegas where we sent our awesome writers Brittney Wilson & , with a further in-depth interview with this evolutionary machine on Jan 14, 2011. Here is a lil more info on this outstanding computer and its newest add on for all the over clocker’s out there…

MAINGEAR has partnered with to create cooler, quieter and more affordable cooling system solutions for their desktop called their EPIC cooling solutions – (Enhanced Performance InterCooler)  There are three different cooling systems; The SHIFT desktop offers the exclusive EPIC 180, the sports the EPIC 140 and the gets the EPIC 120.  More information will be available at:

Quick Highlights:

  • The exclusive MAINGEAR EPIC 180 offers 20% increase in performance while maintaining fan speeds of less than 1,000 RPM
  • The Patent cold plate Micofin technology design that allows maximum heat transfer between CPU and the cooling system
  • All EPIC cooling systems is built with a closed loop circuit design which requires no maintenance
  • The MAINGEAR EPIC cooling solutions are the quietest pumps in a closed loop solution on the market, allowing for even more overclocking
  • The EPIC 180 is exclusive to MAINGEAR’s SHIFT desktop
  • MAINGEAR EPIC cooling solutions offer  greater results for less money




MAINGEAR, an award-winning custom PC builder offering custom desktops, custom notebooks, pc workstations and media centers, is announcing the release of their exclusive MAINGEAR EPIC (Enhanced Performance InterCooler) liquid cooling solutions by CoolIT for their entire desktop lineup. In tradition with their legacy of innovation and design, MAINGEAR has collaborated with CoolIT to design the EPIC line of CPU cooling systems, which are the first of their kind in existence.  The MAINGEAR EPIC cooling solution provides a distinct advantage in all the problem areas of existing CPU cooling units: performance, loudness, and durability.


Key features are highlighted below: 

Higher Performance
The MAINGEAR EPIC 180 liquid cooling system sports a massive 180mm radiator which offers 20% cooler temperatures than a 120mm radiator. It outperforms all high end air coolers on the market today and goes toe to toe with hand built liquid cooling solutions

The thermal resistance of the EPIC 180 is an incredible 0.075 degrees C/W (Celsius per watt), which means even an extremely overclocked CPU will have the heat dissipation needed to keep it cool and stable. The MAINGEAR EPIC 180 will outperform 120mm solutions increasing up to 20% performance while maintaining a fan speed of less than 1000 rpm.

Forward Thinking Design
The EPIC 180 liquid cooling system not only keeps the MAINGEAR SHIFT much cooler, but the streamlined design also shows the engineering and innovative thought process behind it. The copper material on the surface utilizes a patented cold plate with Microfin technology that allows maximum heat transfer between the CPU and the cooling system.

Affordable and Maintenance Free
Not only does the new EPIC cooling system outperform most hand built liquid cooling units out in the market today, the MAINGEAR EPIC 180 is also much more affordable, delivering greater results for less money.


Customers that have this cooling solution will also be happy to hear it has a closed loop circuit design which requires no maintenance, so they don’t have to check on it for liquid at all. Ever.

The EPIC 180 is the most aggressive cooling system we’ve ever built and we were delighted to work with the MAINGEAR team to create a custom built system that delivers the ultimate in silent cooling.”  Said Geoff Lyon, President and CEO of CoolIT Systems Inc. “MAINGEAR has been fearless in its no-holds-barred approach to building the fastest PC’s in the world and it’s our privilege to be an exclusive part of their product strategy.”


The EPIC liquid cooling series that we are offering on our desktops is our testament to constantly innovate and develop ways to make faster, quieter and better products.” Said Wallace Santos, Founder and CEO of MAINGEAR. “Working with CoolIT was a perfect partnership where we were able to combine the best of engineering, functionality and design.”


The SHIFT custom pc will have the option of selecting the EPIC 180, while the F131 gaming pc will sport the EPIC 140 (available soon) and the Vybe will have the EPIC 120 cooling solutions respectively. The EPIC 180 and 120 are available today. All MAINGEAR EPIC liquid cooling systems are incredibility silent at idle, whisper quiet under load, and allow MAINGEAR custom built computers to be overclocked even more than ever.

All of MAINGEAR products are supported by MRT and come with a lifetime labor and phone support with one to three year hardware warranty. For more information about MAINGEAR’s custom pc solutions, [click here] and get one yourself for pure OMGPWNAGE power!!!

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    I know it sounds like a pun, but this EPIC Cooling system seems like the Hottest thing out there. Quiet and speed. Take down your friends and still be able to hear them scream… nice

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like an awesome edition to any desktop computer. The Maingear desktop units and their laptops themselves look amazing and from I just read on their site are top notch on the performance specs. This a company I never heard anything about until MRT mentioned them and it looks like their a company on the rise. Thanks for introducing to a great up and coming company with an amazing product line.

  • Jenna Gonzalez

    Epic cooling system is awesome!

  • The Nerdy Nurse

    that is EPIC!

    … couldnt resist

  • Jonathan Long

    This looks sweet! I’ve been wanting to water-cool my system for a while now. Maybe this is my ticket…