Gmail… iPad Optimized!

By Michael Hunter (Contributing Writer)

This morning announced via their mobile blog that they have rolled out an optimized site for their ever so popular email service, better known as . The app is built on top of the HTML5 web app that you will find if you visit from your or device. The optimized app is very similar to the iPhone and Android app except is a two-pane view instead of one. The left side shows the list of emails, along with labels, stars, sender, subject, and a preview of the first line of the message. The right side shows the message in its entirety as well as threads, providing there are any. Right now this web app is in its experimental phase but still looks very usable and pretty sweet I might add. Take a look…

iPad Gmail

(via: Google Mobile Blog)

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  • Tariq Bamadhaj

    Maybe that's why Steve met with Eric at the cafe recently!

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  • DarrenHumphries

    Ooooo…that looks pretty cool like that!

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  • Bev in TX

    Thanks for posting this info — I would not have known otherwise.

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