Flash Is In! The MacBook Air Has No Hard Drive…

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Form And Function

You know that at we are huge fans of innovative technology, especially when it incorporates form and function. Everyone knows that Apple’s Founder and mastermind, is a visionary… always thinking ahead, sometimes many years ahead. We may remember his venture with Next Computer, a company that embraced incorporating revolutionary concepts for a computer platform incorporating a proprietary, object-oriented operating system, non-magnetic storage and many other innovations that were so far ahead of their time that the market struggled to adopt the platform.


Despite Adversity

Nevertheless, Jobs is not one to ever let adversity take him down, either professionally or personally. So, you may have noticed that in step with the original version, the latest incarnation of the , along with an even thinner frame, it does not offer a hard drive as an option. Instead, the latest MackBook Air tapers from just over half an inch to a tenth of an inch in thickness (.68-in to .11 inches) and weighs just 2.9 lbs. Contributing to its sleek profile, light weight, low power consumption and durability is a solid state drive (), which ranges in capacity from 64GB to 256GB depending on the model. Starting at $999, it seems that the price point has finally been addressed when it comes to providing a laptop with a solid state drive, which in the past would represent a substantial jump in the purchase price.


Flash is definitely in


Flash Or Nothing At All

As our very own Jenna Gonzalez will attest to, there is nothing like solid state media… she has long insisted in that option in her computing devices whenever it is available.  I think I’ve heard her say in more than one occasion that it’s flash or nothing at all… now, it seems, Apple is laying down the gauntlet by not even offering a hard drive as a configuration option. Well, guess what? We have 10 of these babies burning a hole on our conference table that are anxious to find loving homes. So what are we to do? A giveaway contest of course!

Go here for more details on the Apple MacBook Air

So, tell us just how excited you are that the prospect of winning your very own MacBook Air. How do you feel about a computer with no hard drive? Are you ready to go diskless and embrace pure flash? Sound off, tweet about this contest and subscribe to MyRealityTech if you haven’t already.

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  • renren

    Love my mac, but it recently died due to unforseen powers beyond my control. Thinking my new will be the air, unless I win one first. love it.

  • http://www.thenerdynurse.com TheNerdyNurse

    these make my gadget lover hormones rage!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000982519136 Mario Ragone

    Meh! It’s ok!

    Just kidding! It’s actually pretty badass!


  • Sue

    I’ve never owned a Mac but want one. I’m tired of my PC and its ” issues”. Never heard of a computer without a hard drive, until now. Thanks for the info!

  • http://twitter.com/TonyN13 Tony N

    I can speak from firsthand experience. After many years of rebooting and nursing various Windows PCs, I took the plunge and never looked back. It’s great to be able to reliably use the computer rather than constantly diagnosing it. The Mac does that on every level. And if you still need to run Windows – yeah, it does that too! Visit your local Mac Store and play with them firsthand. IMO, even though it may cost more up front, the Mac is definitely a long term bargain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tbonpc Tony Bertram
  • http://twitter.com/Bogdo milan bogdanovic

    Like everyone else, I’m very excited about the prospects of winning a MBAir. Having recently had some hands on time with both the 11 and 13″ I came away very impressed. The hardware is solid, slim and I am a big fan of the multi-touch trackpad. I think my only gripe would be that I wish the keyboard had a bit more travel, but thats really nitpicking. Given the design and feature set, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it eat into ipad sales.

    As far as SSD goes, Jenna is on the money. SSD is just awesome. Quieter, faster, lower latency, more duable and allows for a slimmer product design. Having had many HD’s fail on me, I’m looking forward to the day production costs are lowered and SSD’s increase in storage capacity means the end of HD’s.

    Thanks for the contest (again). You guys and gals do a great job, not just for all the cool contests, but in also having a site thats unbiased and very engaging as well. Keep up the good work

  • http://www.facebook.com/tbonpc Tony Bertram

    Shared on Facebook=Tony Bertram and twitted here: http://twitter.com/tbonpc/statuses/4525918370406401

  • http://twitter.com/benny8484 benny w

    How do you feel about a computer with no hard drive? We watch a lot of movies, so a MacBook Air will have less disk space. But I guess that’s the price for portability (and the ability to watch movies on the go).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Justinkersey

    It has no hard drive? AWESOME !!!!!! I travel… a lot. And as careful as I am with my computer it still gets bumped around; and lets face it hard drives aren’t exactly armored trucks in pillow land…. more like a balloon floating among pine trees. Take it from me… Most data recovery services know me by name…. Seriously !!!!! Four hard drives in the past year alone. So the prospect of owning a notebook with a SSD or Flash drive is more than enough to make my mouth water. So I hope I win one I’ll be looking for your email announcing the giveaway. Thanks guys and “Long Live M.R.T.”

  • http://twitter.com/Charliesingapor Charlie Osborne

    what can i say i would love a new macbook air my black macbook is basically fallen to pieces i was going to ask for one for christmas but it turns out Im alone this christmas parents cant afford to take me back home in england so i have to stay in singapore and study for my GCSE mocks (im 15 by the way) id love one just because this year im not getting christmas presents because we are running out of money so it would be nice if i could win and of course i would probably scrape enough money together to pay for shipping. just want to say thanks on behalf of everyone even if i don’t win thank you for giving others an opportunity to have something really desired and possibly help out in many ways. my reality tech is very kind and generous thankyou and happy holidays i wish you all well

  • http://twitter.com/2boysblue Melissa T Lawrence

    To me it is the shock and awe of the tech industry…..I am embracing…..;)

  • http://twitter.com/2boysblue Melissa T Lawrence

    To me it is the shock and awe of the tech industry…..I am embracing…..;)

  • Chrissiemz

    I am so excited about this giveaway. I love the macbook and would love to have a chance to win cant wait….

  • Brit08mp

    Always wanted a Mac but too pricey, now I have hope.

  • Jtweed21

    I want to be up in the “AIR” with an new MacBook Air!!

  • http://twitter.com/evie197580 evelyn j goettner

    I need a laptop so bad! Me hubby and the 3 kids all share 1 PC and with the kids having so many papers and project for school it’s hard for everyone to get their share of time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • MissingLynxx

    I am madly passionately excited about no hard drive. I want to embrace the pure flash! :) I would so love a Macbook Air to do my writing/art/blogging etc. on. I would love to take it on my myriad travels and adventures! So thin, so chic, so gorgeous, so….. Mac! I would be ecstatic!

  • Anonymous

    Winning one of these would make my year! What a great way to start it off with a great new computer that can do so very much. I would love to own a Mac and show my sons that they are really all that and you can love both PC and Mac.

  • Justin Kersey

    You know I can’t believe how few comments are on here…. I know that the contest isn’t officially open yet but if you guys announced it then it’s GONNA happen and you know what the say about birds and worms. Well enough blabbering, I want a Mac Book simply because a SSD is durable and Apple computers have the fewest online attacks and most spyware is based on windows os platforms. Safe-Secure-Durable…..enough said. Thanks for the op MRT. As always love you guys great article, and Merry Christmas.

  • http://twitter.com/Charliesingapor Charlie Osborne

    Dear MRT on behalf of the majority of subscribers i would just like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to win one of these amazing products you really are good people. i would love to receive a Macbook air because my old black macbook is almost broken. i have no hard drive space left and theh battery condition is i quote “Replace Now” and this would be lovely to have as a new computer. just saying thanks MRT

  • Myladyterrazzi

    I would love to win this. It would make my Christmas dreams comes true! you can alsways hope for a little christmas magic! Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  • Louiet5555

    Happy Holidays! This would really make my year to win something loike this that I can’t afford. Thanks for giving us the oppoturnity to have some hope to win one! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

  • Dreamin2win

    Merry Christmas!

  • http://twitter.com/tbonpc TonyB
  • http://twitter.com/myprayerpillows C.W

    Can’t believe it does not have a hard drive but it is ok for what I do. Love it!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=724391298 Erin Johnson-Pina

    How awesome is this Macbook air! I sooo want one!

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah i want too take my air were no air has gone before too moon mars alphacentari beyound

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705252304 Jackie L Tweed

    All I can say is “FLASH ME” please.

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