We’re Giving Away Two Barnes & Noble NOOK E-Readers!

Oooh! You know you want one!

Update: Feb 19,2010 10:15 PM ET: Congratulations to the following people! And thank you to our friends at Barnes & Noble and for the incredible prizes!

Kelly D. of Boise, IDAHO (recipient of 1 Barnes & Noble NOOK ) 

Jordan M. of Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA (recipient of 1 Barnes & Noble NOOK e-reader)

Robert K.B. of Fort Smith, ARKANSAS (recipient of $100 Gift card from Facebook)

Joyce J. of Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (recipient of $100 Gift card from Twitter)

Update: Feb 18, 2010 10:40PM ET:  Winners have been chosen based on the rules. We have sent out emails your way to further verify your identities. After which, you are required to contact us ASAP. We do not announce the winners right off the bat because of fake people trying to hack the system and claim the prizes. We have taken very careful steps to keep your private information secure, so we expect all winners to be excercise honesty. Breaking any of the rules will result in a disqualification and as such, another winner will be chosen at random.

Update: Feb 18, 2010 10:00 PM ET: This contest has officially ended and closed on Feb 18, 2010 at 10PM ET. Winners will be contacted within the next hour. Thank you to everyone who participated. Do come back next week for another chance at another very cool prize(s) ~MRT TEAM


Okay folks! In celebration of, well, just being awesome…we’re running a cool weeklong contest from Tuesday, Feb 9-Thursday, Feb 18. This is the easiest contest we’ve ever had!

What’s up for grabs?


Not that we play favorites. But do you wanna know why the NOOK kicks the crap out of every other e-reader out right now? Visit NOOK FEATURES to find out why this baby sold out completely a month before Christmas and why it was on back-order until Feb 1st.

Two very lucky winners will each get a brand spanking new NOOK e-reader!

How do I win?

Very simple! You can do one option below, or all of them for more chances!

1. Simply post a comment on “WHY YOU WANT OR NEED THIS”…Be creative, original, honest, whatever you like.

2. Follow us on Twitter  http://twitter.com/myrealitytech and retweet the contest post. (Optional)

3. Follow us on Facebook My-Reality-Tech and re-post the contest on your bulletin. (Optional)

Even though Twitter & Facebook are optional, we will be picking one additional winner  from Twitter & Facebook to receive a $100 Gift card! We will then randomly draw all 4 winners LIVE on Thursday, Feb 18 at 10 PM E.T.!

Ok, so now for the rules:

Before you can even comment on the NOOK prizes, you MUST enter your email on the right side of this page (Those doing the additional Twitter & Facebook options for the $100 Gift Cards need not do this.) Remember, after you sign up, you MUST go back into your email account to confirm that you’re signed up (just so we know you’re not a spammer, cause we’re definitely not). Otherwise, you won’t be qualified. What’s the sign-up for? Well we gotta contact you if you win, don’t we? lol. Also, you’ll get an email whenever we have a cool new review up or another giveaway contest, which we do a lot! So it pays to be informed.

NOOK contest is open to all North American (Yes Canada, you’re in there too) Residents 18

yrs and over. Twitter & Facebook options are open to the whole world! If you’re not 18, have your parents sign up for you. Winner(s) agree(s) to provide us their full name, valid shipping address and telephone number. All such personal information are for our security & validation purposes (we don’t want no serial killers, child molesters and/or general psychopaths), and as such, will not be shared in any way or form with anyone in order to protect your privacy. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry we feel violates any law or is being unfair/derogatory in any way we see it. Winner(s) agree(s) to the above simple rules. Best of luck!

~Your loving team at MRT

P.S. If you have any questions, Contact Us… and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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  • HottieTechBabe

    Crossing Fingers!!! twitter @HottieTechBabe

  • smartshopper

    I'd love a nook e-reader because I'm a big book fan with a tiny budget and home. This would allow me to have tons of new books without having to put an addition on my home :)

  • smartshopper

    Subscribed & confirmed via email

  • smartshopper

    Following on twitter @pelletposy

  • smartshopper
  • smartshopper

    Following on facebook Audrey H.

  • smartshopper

    I shared via my facebook page. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  • dirg

    Subscribed by email and confirmed

  • http://twitter.com/ravengoth ravengoth

    I would give this to my daughter. I love to read, but she has more time to read. She's a great person, and this way she could read in style.

  • Deborah Curran

    Because some of my favorite books are so heavy and impossible to carry on the train or plane. Even the new Stephen King is huge.

  • Deborah Curran

    I posted on facebook – am a fan – and have tweeted, treetrout1

  • niftynappy

    Man, I need an e-reader because I have a hubby and 2 daughter and a son that are always stealing my books and reading them! I need something that has ALL my books in one place that they can't touch!
    Currently I use my iPod to read some books off amazon, but it is little and just not as good!

  • niftynappy

    I follow you on twitter and look forward to future tweets!

  • http://niftynappy.com/ Nifty Nappy

    I fan you on FB too! I am gonna posted about it too!
    :) I want it!

  • Candace

    I want/need this because my husband and children are tired of tripping over my books. We are tired of the shelves being so full that the cat is constantly knocking the books onto the floor. We're tired of having to pack a full bag of books (and fitting it into the car!) when going on a trip. My daughter is tired of having to find 'which' book mommy is asking for (she's four) when there are stacks of books everywhere. I'm also tired of getting the pages ripped out by my baby when I'm trying to feed him. I've paid for more then enough library books! My husband informed me I need one, but it'll be years before we can ever afford to buy one! So I need to win one!

  • Candace

    Follow on Twitter and tweet: http://twitter.com/candacemom2two/status/929155

    FB fan and shared. Candace Robinson

  • deniseann

    I NEED THIS… I just had a baby on October 3rd 2009, and I haven't been able to get through a book not meant for a baby since!

  • hrbeck

    I would love to have a nook because I'm an avid reader and I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms. Carrying heavy books around is impossible for me because I have to carry a huge purse that weighs about 10 lb at least, since I have medical supplies that go with me everywhere. I don't want to sound desperate, but I have never had an e-reader and could never afford to buy one for myself. So, it's win one or nothing for me. That's it, plain & simple. I'm not trying to win one to sell or give to someone else. This is a selfish plea on my own behalf. :)

  • Thomas

    I would also like to surprise my wife with this. She works hard for us, and had been saving up for a Kindle at Christmas for herself, and then our water heater went out, and we both spent everything in our “slush fund” on the water heater. Being a parent is glamorous, being a homeowner is clearly an over sold dream! I miss being able to call a landlord and just sitting back for something to be fixed lol

    I would prefer the Nook over the Kindle, because Barnes & Noble gives discounts to educators and homeschoolers, so I like to support them as much as possible.

  • Thomas

    Am I doing this right ? I tweeted and followed http://twitter.com/pwag/status/9306702562

  • michellecox2

    I would love this! I work nights at a VERY boring job and would love to be able to read all the time!

  • Deepthi

    I would love to win the Nook e-reader because I am a medical school student and the textbooks are really huge to carry around and this would be amazing to have so that I can look through and have all the books I need at my fingertips. thanks SO much for having this giveaway!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christian-Petermann-Sr/627254824 Christian Petermann Sr.

    I usually have 3-4 books being read at a time. Mostly hardback. It would be a great deal easier to carry one of these babies around with me than 20 lbs of books. Think of the acres of Amazon rainforest I would be saving. Winning one of these would be so sweet considering my birthday is tomorrow!(19Feb2010)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Lafferty/100000565965304 Jerry Lafferty

    Been a tweeten an a retweeten

  • marla_j98

    I need this badly to read all my boos! I subscribed, am following and Rtweeted! :)

  • friendliestghost

    I need this because, as a library science graduate student, I am always salivating over eBook technology… but, as a library science graduate student, there's no way I can justify buying it for myself!

  • Len Bacalzo

    What a wonderful thing to have for those who love to read…

    Having lived in the Washington D.C. metro area years ago, I've grown to appreciate the contents of the Washington Post; its many articles and stories that are so meaningful in our American lives as well as the world we share with many. E-readers is a good way to bring this to me daily. As for books, I still prefer physically holding one and smell the paper it is printed on. Its the most intimate way to enjoy a good story. On the other hand, news, articles and informative writing is perfect for the Nook! Quick, uncluttered and easy to access. Such a device is such a luxury for me at the moment, but eventually I hope I may… Good luck to everyone who have entered the contest and good luck to those judging the contest. Wow, 172 comments!

  • Len Bacalzo

    Oh SURE, play the BIRTHDAY card! LOL Chris, you constantly crack me up! ;D

  • Kelly Anne Davis

    I'm trying to win the NOOK for my daughter who is going on a yearlong trip to Tanzania to do missionary work. She wont have a lot of room for books, nor will she have much television or internet access. I want her to be able to download as many books as she could so that she could feel more comfortable while she is out there without her family.

    I'm also following on twitter and reposted on facebook.

  • Michael Spilewski

    Dear Myrealitytech.com,
    If I won the Nook e-reader I would give it to my mother for mother's day. She would absolutely love this gift because she reads so many books. Besides she deserves it anyways cause she's a great mom.
    Thank You,
    Michael Spilewski

  • Michael Hunter

    Let the countdown begin!

  • lovelyssm

    Why I need the Nook?
    Because I have book collection that takes up half my apartment. I'm tired of having to pack them up into a dozen boxes whenever I move, which as a college student is very often. The Nook will allow me to take my books with me wherever I go, can't beat that!
    Combine this with the touch screen and B&N's enormous library and you've got a match made in heaven!

  • Shane Ogletree

    To win the Nook reader would be a dream come true for me. I wanted this for christmas but they were all sold out. Then I wanted to get it for my birhtday last month but we couldnt afford to pay for our house bills, much less a gadget. If I get this, I will treasure it forever. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • jonkolinski

    I want it because my back can no longer handle a backpack full of books. A Nook just makes sense. I (and my back) would really appreciate it.

  • sweething4life

    following – tweeted and subscribed to emails!


    Would absolutletly love to have this! No more misplaced books.

  • http://www.bellasavvy.net/ Dee M

    My daughter and I love to read and it would be SO much nicer if we didn't have to carry the heavy books everywhere. This would be so much more convenient. Awesome giveaway!

  • http://www.bellasavvy.net/ Dee M

    Following you on Twitter ~ MyBellaMia

  • http://www.bellasavvy.net/ Dee M

    Following you on Facebook ~ Bella-Mia

  • eyzofblu63

    I follow on Twitter (@eyzofblu63) and tweeted http://twitter.com/eyzofblu63/status/9468104947

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/KA2VMVAJO52W5AFCLVXEQFGFSY Joy

    I would love to have a NOOK to read while at work in the emergency room! I could use it everywhere really! :) following FB (JOY FEIX) and Twitter @madly59

  • Devolucija

    I don’t want this, I need it.
    I’m constantly lugging books about, and I can’t be bothered to read my ebooks sitting at my pc for ever. So please, for the sake of my crippling back pain, epic laziness and dried out eyes, gimme!

  • Anonymous

    Fllowing you on Twitter(paulybeans twitter ID).
    I like the Nook.

  • http://twitter.com/davinci4life Jéfferson のみ

    I would love to have the Nook because I love reading and as a student it would definitely help getting reading material on the good with a awesome e-reader like the Nook… plus love B&N :)

  • Jeanne’ Miller

    I would love to WIN the ebook, As I need glasses and I can’t afford them. I beleive I could read with the ebook until I can afford my bif-ocals.
    I have a Aunt and My Mother-inlaw each have a ebook & they just love them. I’m sure if I was lucky enought to WIN a ebook I would love it even more.
    Greatfully yours,
    Jeanne’ Miller

  • Jeanne’ Miller

    I love to win the ebook as I need Glasses and I can’t afford them. I beleive I would be able to read with the ebook, Untill I could afford to buy My Bi-focals.
    I have a Aunt & my Mother- in-Law both have a
    ebook Reader and they just love them.
    If I could be so lucky to WIN a ebook Reader, I would love it even more.
    Greatfully Yours,
    Jeanne’ Miller

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