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An Apple a Week: MRT’s iPad Giveaway

Posted By Geeky Angel On June 17, 2010 @ 12:41 am In Featured Stories & Prizes,Reviews & Prizes | 1,876 Comments

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By: Jenna Gonzalez (Editor In Chief)

Update: Oct 1, 2010: This contest is now officially closed. Congratulations to our final winners Aileen D. of Montreal Quebec Canada & Colin M. of Jefferson, MO (Chosen through Facebook & Twitter). We have lots and lots of contests & giveaways so don’t forget to enter! Thanks again to Apple [2] and to our participants.

Update: September 17, 2010: To everyone else who didn’t win, we still haven’t drawn the winners to Facebook & Twitter so if you have either account, you can still retweet & post the contest on facebook! We will pick one lucky winner on each site to win their very own 64 GB Apple iPad [3] on September 30!

Update September 16, 2010: This contest is now closed. Congratulations Maria G. of Albuquerque, New Mexico for winning our twelfth & final weekly iPad contest! Maria, you have been chosen randomly based on the rules, and we have sent out emails your way to further verify your identity. You are required to contact us within 5 days, or our randomizer will choose another winner! We want to say a very special thank you to our friends at Apple for the wonderful prizes. You guys are the absolute best! Congratulations to everyone who commented, and don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win. Here at MRT, EVERY REVIEW IS A GIVEAWAY!

Previous weekly winners:

William D. of Green Bay, WI (September 9)

Jamie A. of Spring Valley, NY (September 2)

Sarah G. of San Obispo, CA (August 26)

Brian M. of Columbia, SC (August 19)

Matthew K. of Parsippany, NJ (August 12 )

Joyce M. of Dayton, OH (August 5 )

Kathleen P. of St. Paul, MN (July 29 )

Darren J. of Marietta, GA (July 22 )

Jaime P. of Vancouver, BC, Canada (July 15 )

Keith B. of Trinity, FL (July 8 )

Sylvia S. of Pittsburgh, PA (June 24)


An iPad [3] a week. How lucky can you possibly be!

You asked for it. You got it! In celebration of…well…just being awesome! We’re throwing our dedicated followers another MRT contest to put all our other contests to shame! Introducing the Apple [2] a Week iPad [3] Giveaway [4]!


That’s right. We’re giving away the 64 whopping GB’s

Exactly what are we giving away? Oh yeah that’s right! A 64 GB Apple [2] iPad [3] every week for the next twelve weeks! So that means every Thursday starting on June 24, 2010, one very lucky winner will win their very own gleaming 64 GB Wi-Fi iPad [3] worth $700! Then, we will be announcing another winner every Thursday after that. Sound simple enough? We think so.


Fresh out of the box and ready to give them all away!

The next question would probably be: Are you dreaming? Well, only if you want to be. Otherwise, no, you’re not dreaming…and no, we can’t pinch you. That would just be weird and too close for comfort (not to mention you’re probably in the wrong contest if that’s what you want.) What we can tell you though is that this is one super easy contest. Like all our other contests, there are three simple things you can do. Ready?

1. Simply post a comment below on “WHY YOU WANT OR NEED THIS”…Be creative, original, honest, whatever you like. Just don’t copy someone else’s entry. We’ve seen this before and that’s a good way to disqualify you. Only ONE comment can be submitted per person, per week. After every Thursday, all comments from the previous week will be disregarded/deleted and everyone will have a fresh new start to post another comment.

2. If you’ve got Twitter, follow us at http://twitter.com/myrealitytech [5] and RETWEET the contest post as many times a week as you like. We will have a very special drawing in September wherein one very lucky person from Twitter will win their very own 64 GB Apple [2] iPad [3]!

3. If you have a Facebook, Follow us at My-Reality-Tech [6] and re-post & comment on the contest on your bulletin as many times a week as you like. We will also be having a very special drawing in September wherein one awesome person from Facebook will win their very own 64 GB Apple [2] iPad [3]!


iPad [3]-lined chair? If you could, what’s the matter with you!

Tried to stack some up for effect. Imagine sitting on an

A word about comments: Before you can even comment on the weekly iPad [3] prize, you MUST enter your email on the right side of this page where it says “enter your e-mail. Remember, after you sign up, you MUST go back into your email account to confirm that you’re signed up (just so we know you’re not a spammer, cause we’re definitely not). Otherwise, you won’t be qualified. It’s a one-time-thing only so if you’re already signed up or have signed up in the past, then there’s no need to do it again forever.

What’s the sign-up for? Well we gotta contact you if you win, don’t we? lol. It’s basically our weekly newsletter where you get an email whenever we have a cool new review up or another giveaway contest, which we do a lot! So it pays to be informed. Other than that, no spam, no trying to sell you anything or getting you to sign up for anything. Just our harmless weekly notifications. Got it? Good.


We know it’s hard to read when looking at the gorgeous iPad [3] stacks. But please, read the rules if you want to avoid being disqualified.

Ok now for the uber-important qualifying rules: The MRT Apple [2] iPad [3] contest is open to all North American (Yes Canada, you’re in there too) Residents 18 yrs and over. Twitter & Facebook entries are open to the whole world! If you’re not 18, have your parents sign up for you. No fake emails please. No multiple ones either. Winner(s) agree(s) to provide us their full name, valid shipping address and telephone number. All such personal information are for our security & validation purposes (we don’t want giving prizes to convicted serial killers, child molesters and/or general psychopaths), and as such, will not be shared in any way or form with anyone in order to protect your privacy. All winners are chosen at random using a randomizer in an effort to make everything fair, and as such, we do not determine the outcome of each contest. In addition, staff editors and their immediate families (defined as parents, children, siblings & spouses of staff editors) We reserve the right to disqualify any entry we feel violates any law or is being unfair/derogatory in any way we see it. Winner(s) agree(s) to the above simple rules. Best of luck!


Let’s take one last look at another beautiful stack of ipads shall we?

So you’ve read the contest terms and seen the photos. What are you waiting for? The Tooth Fairy to hand you a $700+ iPad [3] in your sleep? Yeah, you’d really be dreaming then! REGISTER, COMMENT, RETWEET & REPOST!  Remember, ONLY ONE COMMENT PER WEEK. If you have any questions, use the “Contact Jenna” link on the very top of the page.

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